Covered California Plans

VHP is the best Covered California option for residents of Santa Clara County. As the area’s homegrown health plan, VHP has been serving your family and friends for almost 35 years. With the lowest cost Covered California plans in Santa Clara County, we can help you get the right plan, at the most affordable price. But, don’t take our word for it. Compare our prices using the Covered California shop and compare tool. 

The Covered California open enrollment period is from November 1 to January 31. 

Currently, there is a Special Enrollment Period from February 1 to May 15 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period, people can enroll in a health plan without any qualifying life event. Don't miss your chance to sign up and let VHP help you take care of your family.

At VHP, we are proud of offering Covered California plans that will save you money. But, we also know that cost is not the only thing to consider. Some great reasons that make VHP the right choice for you are

  • Lowest cost plans in Santa Clara County. See our​ rates​​ and plan information.
  • A growing, high-quality network of doctors, hospitals, and clinics.
  • A wide choice of pharmacies including nationwide Safeway, Walgreens, and Costco.
  • Free or low-cost nutrition and fitness classes​.
  • Helpful, friendly staff located right here in Santa Clara County.
  • Talk to a doctor any time, any day by phone or video with MDLIVE.

Find out more about our Covered California Plans:

 Covered California Plans for American Indians and Alaska Natives

For more information about VHP's benefits, please see Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC).  If you are ready to enroll or have more questions, VHP has partnered with brokers​ in your neighborhood who can help you choose the right Covered California plan for you and your family. Or call us directly at 1.888.421.8444 (toll-free).

*Covered California will determine eligibility for financial assistance such as tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies that can lower your cost for care. You can visit​ to learn more about tax credits and subsides.

​*If you are 30 years or older and want to buy a Catastrophic health plan, you must apply for a hardship exemption to qualify.  Learn about hardship exemptions and Catastrophic plans.

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