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The goal of VHP's Health Education Department is to promote health and enhance our Members' lives through support, prevention, and education. VHP offers Members free nutrition workshops, videos, and other online resources.

Below are some tools and resources to help you eat healthily and get you started on your health journey. Choose Health, Live Well!

    Tips for Healthy Eating

    Simple tips to get fruits and vegetables into every meal and snack.

    Tips for Eating Out

    You can eat out and still be healthy! Here are some tips for eating out sponsored by the American Heart Association. 

    Nutrition Facts Food Labels

    Make healthy food choices by learning how to read and understand the information on Food Nutrition Labels.

    Get a Customized Food Guide

    Want to know the amount of each food group you need daily?  Use ChooseMyPlate​ to get a detailed plan on how much of each food group to eat, tips on eating well-balanced meals, and a general guideline on recommended daily caloric intake.

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    "Farmers' markets reconnect communities to their food system. They create an opportunity where farmers can simultaneously sell fresh, local food and serve as food educators, revitalizing the way consumers shop and eat. They are places where farmers and neighbors meet to socialize and exchange ideas around cooking, nutrition, and agriculture."  - quote from the Farmers Market Coalition.

    Find out where and local Farmers' Markets are happening in the Bay Area from

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