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Covered California Plan

As the only locally-based health plan in Santa Clara County, we understand the needs of our members. Serving the community for over 30 years, we know our providers and can help find the best fit for your health care needs. VHP offers a quality network of primary and specialty care providers, convenient nationwide Safeway and Walgreens pharmacies as well as select local pharmacies, and free health education classes focused on nutrition, fitness, and parenting, as well as a variety of chronic disease prevention and management programs. 

Covered California health plans must provide these Essential Benefits: 
  1. Ambulatory patient care
  2. Emergency Service
  3. Hospitalization
  4. Maternity and Newborn Care
  5. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment
  6. Prescription Drugs
  7. Rehabilitation Services and Devices
  8. Lab Services
  9. Preventive and Wellness Services and Chronic Disease Support
  10. Pediatric Services, including Dental and Vision
There will be four basic levels of coverage, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze, as well as a Minimum Coverage Plan. As the coverage increases, so does the monthly premium payment, but the cost when a person receives medical care is usually lower.
Californians can choose to pay a higher monthly cost so that when they need medical care, they pay less. Or they can choose to pay a lower monthly cost, which means that when they need medical care, they pay more. 
For more information about VHP's benefits, please see Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC).
For a glossary of health coverage and medical terms please reference the Summary of Benefits (SBC) Uniform Glossary.
Covered California will determine eligibility for financial assistance such as tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies that can lower your cost for care. You can visit to learn more about tax credits and subsides. Shop and compare to see just how affordable coverage through Valley Health Plan can be for you and your family. 
For more information on how to apply, visit Santa Clara County Health Connections or call Covered California at 1.800.300.1506 (toll-free)
If you need assistance on your enrollment, please use our online contact form or call VHP Member Services at 1.888.421.8444 (toll-free) to speak with a certified Plan Based Enroller. 
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