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How to Get Appointed to Sell Valley Health Plan

We’re committed to providing you with the tools and information you need to make it easy to do business with us. And we want to increase your earnings potential. 

Becoming a Valley Health Plan appointed broker is as easy as:

  1. You will be asked to complete all forms on the Appointment Packet Checklist (see below) and submit them to VHP.  Based on the information provided your contract will be drafted and sent directly to you.
  2. Review, sign, and return your contract to VHP.
  3. Your contract will be executed by VHP.
​If you have any questions please call 408.885.3560 to speak to a sales representative. 

Appointment Packet Checklist:

    • Completed Agreement Request Form
    • Completed Automatic Clearing House (ACH) form for electronic funds transfer
    • A voided check
    • A copy of your CA broker's license
    • A copy of your Errors & Omissions
    • Completed W-9 (most current form)
    • Completed 590 (most current form)

Please be sure that all forms are fully completed and signed.  Any incomplete forms will be returned and will delay the appointment process.  Missing documents will also result in delays.

Once all of the above documents have been received, your agreement will be drafted and sent to you for signature.  Please return your signed contract so it may be executed by Valley Health Plan.  Your agreement may take 4-6 weeks to be fully executed, but you will be compensated for any plans sold during that period.

You may submit your appointment packet to VHP by any of the following methods:

    • Email:
    • Fax: 408.954.1027
    • Standard Mail:

      Valley Health Plan
      c/o Sales & Broker Relations
      2480 N. 1st Street, Suite 200
      San Jose, CA  95131 
Last updated: 6/11/2019 3:59 PM