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Periodically, Valley Health Plan will be sending you Member Updates to provide you with important benefit information, changes in policy or new state regulations. Please keep these updates with your VHP Evidence of Coverage & Disclosure Form (EOC) booklet. These Member Updates along with articles in the Perspectives Newsletter will be your notification of changes related to your contract with Valley Health Plan (VHP).

​Member Update - October 2017

VHP Achieves AAAHC Accreditation

Valley Health plan (VHP) has achieved accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). The AAAHC accreditation is a widely recognized symbol of quality.

Member Update - July 2017
New L​aw Protects Consumers from Surprise Medical Bills

A new law created by Assembly Bill (AB) 72 (Bonta, Chapter 492, Statutes of 2016) protects consumers from surprise medical bills when they go to in-network facilities such as hospitals, labs or imaging centers. This new consumer protection starts July 1, 2017, and makes sure consumers only have to pay their in-network cost sharing. Providers now cannot send consumers out-of-network bills when the consumer did everything right and went to an in-network facility.


Past Issues

Issue 6 |  December 2015 (Classic Plan & Preferred Plan)
Evidence of Coverage Update for Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder Benefits 

Issue 5 | October 2014
Member Reimbursement for Authorized Covered Services

Issue 4 | July 2013
Preparation for NCQA Accreditation

Issue 3  |  May 2013
Custom Fabricated Oral Devices or Appliances Benefit

Issue 2 | September 2011
Navitus Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Issue 1 | January 2011
Revised Evidence of Coverage & Disclosure Form Booklet Coming Soon
Valley Health Plan (VHP) recently revised its Evidence of Coverage & Disclosure Form (EOC) booklet to reflect new regulations and benefit information. The EOC is your contract with the health plan that lists your benefits and how to access care.  VHP was required to submit the EOC for approval with the State’s Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC). The EOC was approved so we are in the process of printing the booklet and once that is completed it will be mailed directly to you. This booklet will also be posted on our website for online viewing.
Just as a reminder to members, VHP information mailed to you regarding benefits changes, additions or changes in practice/policy acts as an update to the most current Evidence of Coverage & Disclosure Form booklet.  You may want to keep these mailings for future reference however, our Member Services staff is able to help you at any time in person or over the phone when you have questions or concerns. 
Health Care Reform - Dependent Coverage Changes
How does Health Care Reform change my dependent’s eligibility for coverage?
One of the many provisions of Health Care Reform (officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010) is it will extend health insurance coverage to dependents up to age 26.  This coverage is regardless of whether the dependent is a full-time student, their tax dependent status, whether they are married or unmarried, and whether or not they reside with the parent.  One temporary exception to this new law (until the 2014 plan year), excludes coverage if the dependent 18 years or older is eligible to enroll in an employer sponsored plan other than his/her parent’s plan.
When can I add my Dependents? 
This new law becomes effective based on your Employer’s contract year with their health plan providers. To find out when this new law is effective with your Employer group, please contact your Human Resources/Personnel Department for details on how and when you can add your dependents up to age 26. 
VHP Network Expansion
Several years ago, Valley Health Plan added approximately 350 new Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) to its network.  We continue to work on growing and expanding your choices for Primary Care.  We are currently in the process of signing contracts with some well known local provider groups.  We will notify you by mail about this exciting announcement.  Once these new provider group contracts are effective and if you are interested, you can change your PCP by calling our Member Services Department.
Last updated: 12/14/2018 2:36 PM