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Individual & Family Plan

Valley Health Plan is dedicated to helping you get the care and service you need, at the right time, at the right place, by the right provider. We care about you and your family as well as care for you.  As the only locally-based health plan in Santa Clara County, we understand the needs of our members. Serving the community for over 30 years, we know our providers and can help find the best fit for your health care needs. VHP offers a quality network of primary and specialty care providers, convenient nationwide pharmacies including Costco and Walgreens as well as Safeway, and other select local pharmacies.  VHP also offers free health education classes focused on nutrition, fitness, and parenting, as well as a variety of chronic disease prevention and management programs. ​
​Application Submission
        Valley Health Plan
        Attn: Sales & Broker Relations Department
        2480 North First Street, Suite 160
        San Jose, CA 95131


*Please DO NOT send an unencrypted application to VHP via E-Mail. If you prefer to submit your application via e-mail, please encrypt the document before sending, otherwise please use our Secure Fax line or mail the application via U.S. Postal Service. ​​

        Secure Fax:

Questions or Concerns
  • Contact Sales & Broker Relations at 408.885.3560.
Plan Information
Monthly Premium Rates
There is no charge to get assistance from a knowledgeable insurance broker or agent. To find VHP appointed brokers/agents near you, please refer to our:
Plan Resources
​​For more information about VHP's benefits, please see Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC).  If you are ready to enroll or have more questions, VHP has partnered with brokers in your neighborhood who can help you choose the right Covered California plan for you and your family. Or call us directly at 1.888.421.8444 (toll-free).

*Covered California will determine eligibility for financial assistance such as tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies that can lower your cost for care. You can visit​ to learn more about tax credits and subsides.
*If you are 30 years or older and want to buy a Catastrophic health plan, you must apply for a hardship exemption to qualify.  Learn about hardship exemptions and Catastrophic plans for 2019.​

​Affordable Care Act Essential Health Benefits:​

  • ​Ambulatory Patient Services​
  • Emergency Service​
  • ​Hospitalization​
  • Maternity and Newborn Care
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment 
  • Prescription Drugs
  • R​​ehabilitation Services and Devices
  • Lab Services
  • Preventive and Wellness Services and Chronic Disease Support
  • Pediatric Services, including Dental and Vision​​
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