Why Valley Health Plan?

At Valley Health Plan, we speak a language of quality coverage, service excellence, and member satisfaction.

Our members hear this language every time they interact with us; our providers hear it when they offer care to our members, and brokers hear it in how we conduct business. 

Valley Health Plan (VHP) is a Knox-Keene licensed Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) owned and operated by the County of Santa Clara since 1985. Our service area is the County of Santa Clara, covering individuals who live here.

In 2013, VHP expanded its license to offer individual plans directly to consumers and through Covered California.  We now offer Individual and Family Plans both on and off the exchange marketplace, extending our reach and our ability to serve our community.

Here’s why we’re your ideal partner for local health plan options:

  • We’re the only locally based health plan in Santa Clara County. We’re accessible and we know your clients because we live and work in the same community.
  • Our history proves that we’re committed to serving the diverse communities and residents of Santa Clara County.  Everything we do is local, community-focused and personal - making it easier for you to sell and expand your business.
  • ​​We have highest standards for member satisfaction, so your clients will stay longer with us - and with you.​
  • Affordable plan options - offering the lowest HMO prices on the most popular Covered California Plans.
  • Easy application process  for the VHP Individual & Family Plan for those who do not qualify for subsidies or tax credits.​
  • A strong focus on wellness and education to keep your clients healthier with
    • ​​​​Free exercise & nutrition classes
    • Free Care Management Program for complex case and disease management
    • Programs to help prevent and manage chronic diseases​

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