Provider Manual

Valley Health Plan (VHP) greatly appreciates the relationship with our Providers. Together we are partners in the health of VHP Members and our shared community. This manual provides information about how to work with VHP and will describe how will we work together. The Provider Manual also contains policies, procedures, regulatory/contractual requirements to support you in providing comprehensive care to our Members and is designed to help your understanding of our programs and processes. We will update our Provider Manual from time to time as our policies and/or regulatory requirements change.​

Download a PDF copy of the 2021 Provider Manual ​​

VHP’s Provider Manual has been redesigned based on feedback provided by VHP’s community of Providers, enhanced to VHP's Provider Manual has been redesigned based on feedback by VHP's community of Providers, enhanced to assist you in responding to questions from VHP’s Members, includes a Quick Reference Guide (QRG) that contains VHP resource information, and speaks to VHP’s policies, procedures, operating practices, and Provider-related regulatory requirements.

We value your commitment to the health and well-being of our communities, to the quality of health care services you provide in those communities, and we thank you for being a member of the VHP Provider community.

We currently in the process of developing a Medi-Cal specific Provider Manual. Until it is completed, Providers contracted to serve VHP’s Medi-Cal population should continue to reference VHP’s 2020 Provider Manual.

Download a PDF copy of the 2020 Provider Manual​​

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