Benefits and Coverage Handbooks

We are continuing to grow and expand our network to bring our Members more choices for care! 

The Benefits and Coverage Handbook, or the Combined Evidence of Coverage (EOC),  provides information about how to access services, member benefits, and your rights as a health care consumer.  

 ​​​​​​​​​​​Valley Health Plan submits an EOC to our regulator on an annual basis for approval.  The EOC for our Covered California and IFP products that is posted on our website was approved by our regulator on August 13, 2021.  We can only post EOC’s that have been approved by DMHC. 

Valley Health Plan (VHP) received approval for an expansion of our service area for the Individual & Family Plan (IFP) product in 4 additional zip codes outside of Santa Clara County on October 28, 2019.   These zip codes are:   95045, 95023, 95024, 95004 which include the cities of Hollister, Aromas and San Juan Bautista.  VHP has also been expanding our provider network in both Santa Clara County, San Benito County and Monterey County.  All IFP members, whether residing in Santa Clara County or the four approved zip codes in San Benito County have access to the provider network listed in our Provider Directory. 

All IFP members  can access VHP’s Provider Directory at https://es​ to search for a provider by selecting the “Individual & Family Plan product” under the “Product Type”.     ​

​​​​​​​​​​​Please take some time to read through this document, some of the following information you may find particularly helpful:

  • Choice of Physician & Providers
  • Access to Care Emergency & Urgently Needed Services
  • Summary of Benefits Table
  • Descriptions of Benefit Limitations & Exclusions
  • Member Services Assistance
  • Continuity of Care
  • Other Health Plan Information

Periodically, VHP will send Member Updates to provide you with important benefit information, changes in policy or new state regulations. Please keep these updates with your VHP Evidence of Coverage & Disclosure Form (EOC) booklet. These Member Updates along with articles in the Perspectives Newsletter will be your notification of changes related to your contract.​​

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