Mandatory Specialty Drugs

Certain specialty formulary drugs are classified as Mandatory Specialty Pharmacy (MSP) drugs by the VHP P&T Committee and must be provided exclusively through Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) Specialty Pharmacy or Lumicera Specialty Pharmacy.  MSP drugs may require specialized delivery and administration on an ongoing basis.  They are often for chronic conditions and involve complex care issues that need to be managed.

VHP has partnered with SCVMC Specialty Pharmacy and Lumicera Specialty Pharmacy to supply MSP drugs for our members.  These specialty pharmacies have a dedicated team of pharmacists, specialty technicians, patient care coordinators and/or nurses and are available to answer all of your therapy and drug support needs.  The SCVMC Specialty Pharmacy and Lumicera Specialty team work in cooperation with your prescribers to coordinate your care for optimal outcomes.  At SCVMC Specialty Pharmacy, members have the option of walking in to SCVMC Pharmacy or its VHC affiliates or have the drug delivered to the member's home, office, etc.  At Lumicera, MSP drugs are dispensed through a mandatory mail order program, using free, discreet, delivery to the member's home, office, or other location.  Mandatory Specialty Pharmacy drugs are available for a maximum of a 30-day supply.  For a list of MSP drugs, please visit or call VHP Member Services at 1.888.421.8444 (toll-free).


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